What will humanity become after our technology allows for cybernetic implants that will link our minds directly to a computer interface?  What will we become when genetic engineering is added to the mix? The answer is we will become post-humans.  Imagine having a built-in wireless modem in your brain that links you to the internet and by extension, the Library of Congress, medical databases, the latest news, and your friends by what amounts to telepathy?  Find yourself in a jam - all you have to do is think "HELP!" and include your GPS coordinates - help would arrive quickly. How will this change society?  Will crime die out or flourish, or will criminals just adapt to the new rules? With near-certainty I can predict that there will be holdouts, for instance the Amish and other religious groups who shun technology.  If a group does shun these technologies, they will be at a severe disadvantage to other groups.  How will these groups interact?  Will enclaves of Luddites become commonplace? 

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